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Supplier Catalog Display

Darren Rose

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we've imported a list of Supplier using the template, which all worked great, but on the list of the Suppliers in the Supplier Catalog, its displaying the custom 1 and custom 9 fields. It's not displaying the name of the fields to what we've set them in the form either. Not sure what to do to make it display something more useful / accurate



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Hi Both

I am going to jump on this bandwagon :) 

I have been trying the import Supplier / Contract / Contacts which works perfectly, however, I am also unsure of the benefit / use of the Custom data fields - I can only see these showing in the overall Supplier list but once you drill into a record I can not see where these Custom data fields show?

Also, I presume it is not possible to rename these custom data fields? We would like to rename some of them to specific values - when I tried this the values were just ignored by the import process

Many thanks !

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@Adrian Simpkins thanks for your post. We are currently working on an update to the supplier catalog which will allow each user to customise their own view so that they can show/hide the data that they want to see. The custom fields should be editable inside the supplier record if you have the required role to design forms. This update should be available in the next week if everything goes according to plan. I will ask our development team to check the import of custom fields. @Darren Rose FYI.



Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 09.56.44.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 09.57.03.png

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