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Request customer feedback within the same team

Alberto M

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Hi. A quick question:

I've been trying to find something about this without success as I'm not sure about it.

I have the situation where the request customer belongs to the same team as the one the request is assigned to - the request owner is another person from the same team - and this user is saying that she is unable to give feedback on this request after she closed it.

Q: is this because the request customer belongs to the same team of the request?



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@Alberto M thanks for the post.

Are you saying the request owner can't provide feedback? or the request customer can't provide feedback?

The only person who will have the option to provide feedback on the request would be the request customer via the self service interface once the request is in a closed status - and only if the feedback option has been enabled for the request type and service the ticket has been raised against.  

Could you provide some more info on scenario?

1. In the Service Portfolio, for the service the ticket is raised against, and the request type - is the feedback option enabled?

2. Possibly check that the feedback has not been set to be time limited, and if this has timed out for this request?

2. What does the request customer see on self service when viewing the closed request?

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@Steven Boardman, thanks for the quick response.

I mean, the customer can't provide feedback. In the service portal, when the customer clicks the feedback button, it does noting.

1. Yes, the feedback option is enabled for that service type.

2. The feedback expires in 20 days but the request has been raised yesterday, closed today a couple of hours ago.

3. Please check the attached image.



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