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Hiding shared request list views when an analyst just has view access into a team

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

So due to the structure and nature of how our teams work, our 1st line team need view rights into all other teams request list views as they field the majority of our calls, and therefore to make this more efficient they need view of current requests to give updates to Customers.

However, this means they also get all shared views, snippets etc and this means the 1st line team are having to search through every teams views / snippets etc. My question is, is there any way I can grant the 1st line team access to all other teams requests, but block the shared views / snippets etc?

Many thanks

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Hi all

This issue has now been raised by another team - I need to know if there is anyway I can grant access to a Service to another team without adding them as a team member please - the original issue still stands as our 1st line team have view rights on all other team, but this means they get all their shared views, all their snippets etc whereas I just want them to have a view into the other teams queues without it loading all these associated config.

Our network team have also asked as they are finding they are unable to search for a request if they are not a member of the team the request is under - they can search for the request and see it listed, but when trying to view the request they get the message 'You do not have permissions'

Many thanks

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