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How do you show quick guides when logging a ticket


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I would like a quick guide to come up when a user is logging a ticket.  I'm pretty sure I have seen this on demos.

The example I have is from customers point of view:

1 - Visit Portal

2 - Click Application Support

3 - Click I can't login

4 - Choose Application

5 - To the right there would be a guide

6  - Did the guide work?

7 -  YES - End (or log a completed ticket so we have a record of use)     NO - Log ticket requesting support



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@Steffen there is an example in the sandbox, which you can take a look at 


Login as tomb and password H0rnbill

Choose Refused from the drop down to see an example of what could be done.

There is another example under the Cycle to Work Scheme Catalog Item (My Benefits Service) If you want another example

You can check out the Progressive Capture flows here:

https://admin.hornbill.com/demo/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/workflow/procapture/VPN Access v2/78/

Login as grahamc and password H0rnbill

Hope that helps

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