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Automatic Email notification when Connection is added

Frank Reay

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Is it possible for a new Connection to automatically receive an email notifying them that they have been made a Connection. We are using the my-services portal so the user can see Requests where they are a Connection but there is nothing to automatically notify them of this.

The only method I can see to do this is to add the Connection and then do an update via email (with the Connection added). This is a 2 step process and a right pain!

We do automatically add Connections via a BPM for our a Sev1 at the point the Request is raised (which also includes notifying the pre-defined people via email). What I am after is an email for Connections at the point they are manually added. Is this something that the new 'BPM button' will help with ie kick off an adhoc BPM? At least that could all be on a single screen.

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