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Email notification to a role


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For some reason I thought this functionality existed as a standard email notification task. But I appear to be wrong. So, is it possible to email people with a certain role via the Business Process?

It would be very useful! I'm improving a business process and we have an email address hard coded in there for our change manager who is leaving at the end of the month. I'm trying to avoid this becoming a problem then, and in the far distant future!



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@chrisnutt not as such but there a few things you can do

1. You can add approvers by role - and in doing so, they will receive notifications when requests are assigned to their role


2. The same it true if an activity is assigned to their role, they will receive a Hornbill notification not email.

3. You can use the Email External Email Address - and have a group email address set up, which in your example simply includes your change manager and use this in your BPM logic

Hope this helps



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@chrisnutt option 1 was just about the ability to assign approval tasks to roles, and in doing so the users with that role would receive an email notification regarding their approval.

To set this up you would:

* Use a Hornbill Automation node > Hornbill Collaboration > Application > Utility > Get approvers by role  - Choosing the role to be the approver and approval type

* Follow this node with the Auto Assign Authorisation node 

The end result being any user with the chosen role will be added as an approver in a process, and will get an email notification about the approval, and their Hornbill notification as well



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