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Google Drive - Remove File Share failing

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@Steve G

When used the Google Drive - Remove File Share option I am getting an error indicating file not found. I am passing in the Field1 one attribute which is located by the first integration step and is sucessfully shared by the second integration call. I am then inserting the returned 'id' field from the second share integration call as the 'Permissions ID', but the process fails and the share remains in place.

Am I passing the wrong field as the Permission ID?



"iBridge Method: /Google/Drive/Remove File Share.m Error: Google Drive Error: Unknown error occurs!File not found: undefined...."


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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

I've not been able to replicate this issue, I'm wondering if it's getting confused with the result references as it's working as expected when I give my integration nodes different references, as so:


Could you download and PM me your workflow so I can take a look, please? 



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