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Reporting on trends

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We are looking are creating some dashboards which show the Requests raised against each service for the last week, which we have successfully created.

We are wondering if there is a way to overlay weekly averages so that we can see if these requests are higher or lower than previous weeks. Has anyone done anything like this and how was it achieved?

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Hi @Jeremy

In Analytics, you can actually put multiple measures into a single widget to perform comparisons. As you can see in my screenshot, I have two Measures (Incidents Logged Per Month and Incidents Resolved Per Month) and have used a Chart Widget to display these two measures. 

So in your scenario if you took this approach, you would end with a week on week compairson along the X Axis, and different lines representing the difference services. 






Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

Kind Regards

Bob Dickinson
Hornbill Product Specialist



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