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Will J Douglas

Mobile App - Android - Task Completion

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We're looking to roll out tablets to our hotel maintenance teams to allow them to receive maintenance tasks on the move and complete them without returning to the office.

There are some technical challenges with this however.


We have custom field in use on our tasks and when trying to complete them on the tablet using the Hornbill App I receive the error "The Mobile Doesn't Support Custom Fields Please complete the task using the main client"


So, I switch to access the activities using the web browser - landscape view ,  the task displays okay, but when I go to select one of the drop down selectors the tablet onscreen keyboard pops up and obscures the dropdown list.

I then switch to portrait view and whilst better, the keyboard still partially obscures the view.


Whilst I think we can cope sufficiently to starting using it this way, the interface is clunky and not as seamless as it should be.


For reference we are using Lenovo E10 10.1" using Android 8 Oreo.


I will try to test on other tablets to see how they perform - initial indications are that IOS device handle the dropdown lists correctly.

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