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Raise Request via Email


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When Raising a request via email its added as a timeline update rather than a attachement. 

With the timeline update it will be unaccesable when the email gets deleted, and its not that visable because "Request logged via Email" does not show that there is a email underneath that. 

is there a way to get the email always attached to the request as attachment when raised from an email. 
Instead of it being an timeline update.

cheers. martijn




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Hi Martijn,

Thanks for your post.

I'll ask about the feasibility of having emails stored as attachments against the request.

For now there are a few things that can be considered.

1.) For emails processed automatically using the Routing Rules and also process manually using the Raise Request option in the Mail Box view have options to automatically move the email to another folder.  It can be beneficial to have a folder in each mailbox called something like "Processed" or "Request Raised" where these emails that are raised as requests are automatically moved to.  This makes it much easier when it comes to clearing out your inbox or deleted folders.

2.) The Details of the Request will in most cases contain the text from the original email.  Support staff do have the option of editing this along the way, removing extra info from the email that is not needed, but they could still maintain the majority of the content of the email.

3.) There is a BPM Hornbill Automation that will get information such as subject, content, from address, time received, etc from the source email and use it elsewhere within the BPM workflow or you can add the information to custom fields on the request.  In theory, you could add a LONGTEXT custom field to a request and add the content of the email to this field. 


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