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Major Incident notifications

David Longley

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@David Longley there isn't a setting which will fire an email on a priority change, but there is an option with escalation actions and firing past events which might be worth exploring. 

Escalation Actions:

It is possible to configure escalation actions for your P1 service level, including an email as soon as a ticket uses a P1 service level.   As you rightly point out, this does not help you if the priority is changed mid ticket, rather than being initially set, and the BPM can't help as you may not be able to define when in a ticket lifecycle the priority maybe changed. 

One option is to look at the following system setting. 


If the above setting is On  then based on your SLA rules, if the service level changes - i.e if you tie this to your priorities, then you could look to use the following options


These options or the one's you enable, will be invoked when the SLA changes i.e to a P1, here you can invoke the firing of past events, and i am thinking the email one specifically

Now in your example, if the priority is changed from a Medium to a P1 and in your SLA rules, this changes the SL to a P1, then with this setting enabled, any email escalation actions which you have configured for the P1 will be invoked, even if they are historical in that if the P1 is a 4 hour target, and the 4 hour window has passed, it will still fire the email notification on the SLA being changed. 

I hope this makes sense?

The one thing to be aware of here is that these are global rules, so they would apply to ALL past email events on all SLA changes on a ticket.  

Hopefully this helps?


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@David Longley ok, so given what has been said above in the earlier post - if you want an email to be sent when a priority is set to P1 or P2

1. Inside your Service Level Agreement, you need Service Level Targets for P1 and P2 

2. In your Manage Rules in the Service Level Agreement you need to create your rules i.e if Priority = P1 then invoke Service Level P1

3. In your P1 and P2 Service Level Targets (Response or Resolution - your choice) you can configure email escalation actions to be fired

For example if your P1 target for resolution was 2 hours, you could set up an escalation for 2 hours before the target


In this scenario the following should occur

1. If the priority is set to P1 initially on the ticket, and the defined SLA rule is met to set the Service Level to P1,  then the configured 2 hour escalation email will be immediately fired 

2. If the Priority is changed to a P1 on the ticket, and you have the settings set to automatically change the Service Level, and you have setting enabled to fire historic events then, on the SLA rule being met to set the Service Level to P1, then the configured 2 hour escalation email will be fired at the point which the Service Level is changed to your P1 Service Level 

I hope that makes sense. 

Really the trick here is to ensure you have your rules defined as you need them,  recall that the rules are evaluated from top to bottom - i.e if it matches the first rule in the list it will stop there - so make sure you have the order of the rules as you want them to be evaluated.   



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@David Longley from your screenshot, it looks like your rule is pretty much like you need it , with the Service Level field then holding your defined P1 service level, rather than the current Major Priority.   If you need a little more assistance, hopefully the product specialists should be able to assist as Victor indicates above. 

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@David Longley in your P1 Service Level, you would need to configure an escalation action, an email (like below)

If your P1 Target was 2 Hours, then set the Escalation Action to be 2 hours before the target


This means if you log a new P1 request, the email will be triggered immediately

if you have the following setting enabled:


It will mean if the SLA rules on a request changes it to a P1Service Level,  the email will still be sent because you have set it to fire past email events

i.e if you may have changed it from a P2 to a P1, 30 minutes after it is logged, and the target for a P1 is 2 hours. As  there is an escalation action to fire the email 2 hours before the target - then the email would still get sent even though it should have been sent in the past (even though there is now only 90 minutes until the P1 target is due.

Hopefully that helps, failing that do reach out as Victor suggests to the the product specialists  


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