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Multi selecting request to bulk resolve

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

So I have an analyst who has around 10 requests assigned to him and we are trying to use the multi select option to bulk resolve, but when trying to do this the only option that is coming up is Assign.

The requests are all Service Requests, and all sit under the same service, and the Analyst is the owner of all the requests. From reading the guide from the Wiki I would expect there to be more options available in this scenario, but when I try it as well, I get the same option - assign only. The requests have some tasks to complete but I have completed these on 2 requests and tried to multi resolve these as well, and again only getting assign as an option.

Is there a reason I have missed as to why we are only getting assign as a multi select option on these requests?

NB also when I hover over a request in the request list view the only option shown here is also just Assign?

Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins one way to determine what request is causing the problem is to select one at a time and keep an eye on the Actions button.  It will disappear when a request that it cant group action is selected.  You can then check to see what is different with that request.


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