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Ticket stuck in failed state

Dan Munns

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We are using the API to log a request and it seems to have come up with an error I have not seen before (rare since I seem to have caused most of them before):


The tickets are marked 'In Progress' on the BPM management view, hovering over the request in the request list shows the correct information and for all intents and purposes the ticket seems to be fine.

Apart from I cant open it. The ticket fails to render at all, just presenting the error and nothing else. I cant even select the tickets from the request view to cancel them.

So....erm....help please?

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1 minute ago, Dan Munns said:

'this is missing'

Might be... but until we have a look at a request, process configuration, etc... no idea :)

10 minutes ago, Dan Munns said:

I was hoping it was

Rebellions are built entirely on hope. At Hornbill we only deal in absolutes :P 

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