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How to find Activities associated to an Analyst?


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Good Morning,

Do you happen to know if there is a quick way to identify Activities assigned to an Analyst?

We have a couple of people who have left the organisation and I am unable to delete their Service Manager account, as they have Activities assigned to them.  The line manager for that team can see calls, but not Activities.

Many Thanks

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@Ann-MarieHolloway i am afraid so through the UI, one consideration of course with all of this is, if these activities are tied to requests, and are process driven where you may have different outcomes possible.   If that is the case, mass closing or just setting to done may have an impact of processes which are expecting activity specific outcomes which had been configured in your processes.   

Of course i don't know this, as i am not sure how your solution is configured, and what these activities are, but thought i would add things to consider when looking at these

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