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Dashboard Charts not pulling through view lists


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I have noticed when i click on a Graph on my dashboard so that it takes me to the list in horn bill it doesn't populate the list.
So for example if i were to click on the title of this graph:

It used to take me to a list of all the the results i have asked for it to pick up, It should take me to a list of 60 tickets (have removed names and amounts from graph)

However is taking me instead to a list of all open or new requests. (1418 of them instead)

I have checked my other graphs and it is doing the same on all of them.

I can still gt to the list by clicking on the Custom views drop down and selecting the relevant view as a work around:


However its a bit inconvenient, i can also click on the individual segments of the chart and it will take me to a list of records just for that segment.

Many thanks





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