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Question about licencing

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I can see from the Hornbill App Store that this product is £19 per agent/month.

How does the licencing work please?  If we took the product, we currently have 32 Service Manager licences/users, would this mean an additional £19 would be bolted onto the each one of those 32 Service Manager users or is it £19 for every user with a certain 'Customer Manager' role applied to them?



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Hi Steve,

It works the same way as Service Manager, for each person you need to have access to Customer Manager there would be a subscription charge.  This does not have to be the same people or same number of people who have Service Manager, the two applications are entirely independent of each other.  Every user needs a platform subscription. 

So you could for example, have 20 people using only Service Manager,  and another 10 people only using Customer Manager, and then you could have another 5 people that need to use both Service Manager and Customer Manager.  In this example you would need the following subscriptions.

Platform = 35
Service Manager=25
and Customer Manager=15

Does that make sense?


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