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Asset States cannot be managed unfortunately (yet? I think this was something that was requested a couple of years ago, but didn't get much traction)

Asset Substates can be managed by going into Asset Manager -> Manage Asset Types and I think there is a tab for Substates?  Anyway you choose what Substates go against the current list of States, but you cannot (yet?) Specify which Substates and States are visible per class / asset type.

(Not currently logged in to Hornbill to double check, and it's been a while since I ventured into that area)



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I have a similar question - I'd like to add more statuses than instead of the three that already exist.

Our asset are being imported from Altiris and can have a status of :-

In stock
On Order
Returned to lessor

I seem to be able to add substatuses though.  I also would like to add some new locations for assets, as these will also be imported,  is this possible?



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