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PCF - Enhancement to Question Types


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Can I request additional question types:

A slider for variable amount, like you have in your project management module e.g.


A question with two different answers, like below questions is not a good example. But we have a need for matrix type questions choose colour and choose amount drop downs for the same question.


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hi @Jeremy

Added sliders to our todo list but can't tell you when exactly it will happen - will post here once we start working on it.

Related questions you can do using field conditions so you can show/hide specific fields based on previous user answers.

Thank you,

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Hi @Jeremy,

Regarding your second point, we do have such option already, is the field conditions. Are you aware of such feature?

The second point, yes, I like the idea of this new field. We'll definitely add it. It can take some time because we are in the middle of implementing a new Progressive Capture feature. As the old (current) is no longer being developed, it will be added to the new one and you will see it once it becomes available to the public. This can still take a few months unfortunately.



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@Daniel Dekel I am aware of the conditional fields I will share the exact question that we have:

Please provide the colour rating and number of the country that you are visiting for each of the following categories:


Currently the only way to do this is to have 12 questions e.g. Overall colour rating, Overall Number Rating, Security Colour Rating, Security Number Rating etc etc

As we would like the customer to have 1 question please enter the colour and number for the Overall Category - then to have two drop downs (simple list or static list) side by side one colour and the other number rating, this would mean that we are asking 6 questions rather than 12.... if that makes more sense?

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Further to these enhancements, is there a way to have a date selector but then to blank out some dates i.e. with a date control field to define a period of weeks from today that they cannot choose..... maybe even we can utilise a regex function on date if provided.

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Is there any further updates to extra field types in the PCF builder?

We would like the slider, star rating, multiple choice grid to be options as we are using forms more often now to capture feedback regarding requests/services. I know that there is the feedback options via services that is in-built but this does not work well for us and would like the option of a more expansive selection of question types.

The other one that I think has been mentioned before is the option to add time separately from the date function.

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