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Report Time Zone - SQL Schema Designer Reports

Will J Douglas

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I created a "user last logged on" report which is a SQL Schema Designer report.

The report seems to be using the raw data which is in UTC time rather than adjusting to my timezone which is GMT+4



This logon was actually 9am.

Previous "entity" reports I have created do adjust to the correct timezone.




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Hi support

when i look at my reports created with advanced Analytics "Last Modified Date" see screenshot and i compare it to the view in My Projects i have always a time difference from 2h

why is that and what can i do? I think it has something to do with the GMT time and the GUI.

Best regards




My Project View:



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@Will J Douglas the reports only use raw data when displaying the report preview. When building the report files (CSV, PDF, etc.) the report will convert date/time values based on regional system settings:


Reports do not use the regional settings for users because once generated they become static entities therefore unable to convert the date/time.

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