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Failed to update Failed BPM

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I've just tried to look at a 'failed' BPM and attempted to change something to see if I could get it working and it's gone a little....er...awry!! 


Here's how the BPM looked originally (in it's failed state....which is fine, the BPM error says that it can't find an owner and that's because I've forgotten to add a 'get request details' node)






So, I made a change (in this instance I just thought I'd put a decision in to bypass the 'Value Added' activity, just to get me out of this particular mess...as I know the team didn't want to bother with this particular activity.




But, when I went to save the stage, I was told that there were items which weren't set up correctly, so I refreshed the page and this is what I'm left with.....which is a complete mess, and has completely different stage checkpoints and parallel processes in a completely different order! I now can't get back to the original BPM to save it. 



I thought maybe this was a one-off glitch, so I tried it on another failed BPM (of the same type:INCIDENT - V-FORMS-Default Incident (Version 2)) and exactly the same thing happened. I've done this quite a few times before and I haven't had any problems with updating failed BPM's, so any idea what's happening please?! 






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