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Analyst who updated a request


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Is there a field within h_itsm_requests for the ID of the analyst who updated the request? I can't seem to find anything for that.

We need to report on how many times each analyst has added a customer as 'Impacted' each month. I've had a look at h_itsm_request_connections but can't seem to find anything that fits in that one either. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Hi @Alisha

This information would be stored on h_buz_activities. It's not the most user friendly table as it doesn't have links immediately back to the Service Manager Request - but it actually stores all contnet on any timeline in Hornbill (not just requests - Assets, Users Buzzes etc)

To help you out, I've created a report which I think covers your needs but you may want to tweak it slightly (please see attached, and you can upload it onto your instance)

A few points about it:

  • I've added a Date Prompt to this for you to do some testing. This is based on the date the Impacted connection was added to the request. You may want to change this to something variable (e.g. "Last Month") or even convert this whole report into a Measure/Widget in Advanced Analytics if you are looking for a trend analysis of sorts
  • I havn't added added any Request Type filtering in, so this is looking at everything (Incidents, Service Requests, Changes, Problems etc) - you may want to add your own filtering
  • You will notice that the Analyst is actually the User ID - plus is has a pretty ugly prefix for everyone (urn:sys:user:<analyst name>). I can't remove this unfortunately but hopefully its ok for your needs anyway

I hope this helps - or at least points you in the right direction!

Kind Regards



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