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Request list view not showing all requests


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I have set up a view for problem tickets with the following criteria:


However, out of 47 tickets, 3 do not appear in the view even though they adhere to the criteria. I only found out about them because a report with exactly the same criteria shows them. I can view the tickets so I don't think permissions are an issue.

Can anyone figure out why this might be the case?

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Hi Mike,

I have seen before where updates to the status via the BPM were incorrectly set up and they were updating the status with just the word Open when it should be status.Open.  If someone has access to the Database Direct tool in Administration, it would be interesting to see if the values held in the status field for these 3 requests match those of other requests.

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Hi James,

I did have access to that tool (didn't know it existed!) so I ran the following query;

SELECT * FROM h_itsm_requests where h_requesttype='problem'

I exported the results to Excel to check what statuses the problems had, but only the following showed, so I don't think the issue you've seen before is what's at play here?





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