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Orange warning message when sending adhoc emails from within a request

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

One of my Analysts is getting an orange warning message as below when they send an ad-hoc email from within a request - I have checked over their permissions and the associated BPM but can not see why this message is appearing - anyone had this before at all please?

Many thanks !


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@Adrian Simpkins do you use timesheet manager for recording agent time on actions like the email action?  if so does this user have the rights in timesheet manager against the default category, or have you set a default category for the email action in timesheet manager?  

Add groups to use categories or sub categories


Setting defaults for email action


Might be worth checking


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HI Steve

I have checked the setup on timesheet categories, and I have assigned access to these categories by Role as below - however, the Analyst getting the error has the roles associated to their logon so I am unsure why this error is coming up for just one Analyst?



Many thanks

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Hi Victor
Apologies for delay in responding - the User can see active categories but I am unsure if they are still receiving the warning message - I am now working on the same site as her so I will check on Monday to make sure no longer seeing the warning message. I will update this again if she is but she has not mentioned that she is getting the message anymore

Many thanks as always

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