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Name / handle issue when importing a new user


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Hiya, was hoping for some advice on an issue we recently came across when trying to import a new user.......

We had an existing user called Dave Smith (for the sake of the post) and had another Dave Smith recently start - the first Dave was set up in AD as dsmith while the second was set up as dasmith however the second Dave's account failed to be imported into Hornbill.

I managed to get as far as the scheduled job which handles imports - was pointed in the direction of the log files and found an entry Unable to Create User: The specified handle [Dave Smith] is already in.

Turns out the original Dave Smith left a while back (AD account disabled) so we renamed the original Dave Smith's handle in Hornbill user management and then successfully re-ran the import job.

Is there something that needs to be done to cater for this scenario? Apologies for the vagueness - I'm very new to Hornbill administration.

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Hi @RobW,

There's actually a system setting that enforces unique user handles. If you switch this off, then you can import as many Dave Smiths as you like :) 

The setting is api.xmlmc.uniqueUserHandle.enable, and can be found in the Admin console under System > Settings > Advanced.



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