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JIRA CLoud - iBridge - Create Issue operation failing

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I am now looking to integrate to a JIRA Cloud instance as well as on premises, but have struck a problem with creating a test request as the integration process is failing, but the error in the logs is not given any indication of the why.


I can create a request manually using the same credentials with only specifying the Summary, Description and Priority. I suspect the issue is the priority value but cannot be sure as there is not detailed error/response information being provided.


Is there any additional logging we can check to help diagnose where it is failing?



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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

I've just given the Jira Cloud integration a whirl, and it's working ok with my account... The error you're getting would point to the API URL being broken though. In the key for Jira Cloud in Keysafe, it just needs the Jira instance ID, and not the full endpoint URL (which is what's needed by the Jira On-Prem integrations) - I don't suppose you've got the full URL in your key have you? Should look like this, where the Jira instance ID is hornbill:


I did notice a minor issue with the Jira Cloud > Create Issue operation though, where the web URL returned for created issues is incorrect. I've fixed that and it'll be released shortly... 



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@Steve G

I finally got back to this after being tied up with an another service going live on Hornbill. I have correct the URL in the endpoint and trimmed down what I am trying to pass as a minimum, but still get an error returned in the UI.


I am still struggling to determine where to locate the full error details in the logs, so that I can resolve this.




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All I can see in the logs is 

2019-11-01 09:33:52Z [DEBUG]:[SCRIPT]:[10260] iBridge Error message from payload response: {
	"errorType": "runtime",
	"errorMessage": "Jira Error: An unexpected reponse was returned by your Jira Cloud instance. HTTP Status: 401",
	"file": "main.js",
	"sourceLine": "    throw \"Jira Error: \" + errors;",
	"lineNumber": 102,
	"columnStart": 4,
	"columnEnd": 5
2019-11-01 09:33:52Z [ERROR]:[SCRIPT]:[10260] iBridge MethodCall failure: iBridge Method: /Atlassian/Jira Cloud/Create Issue.m Error: Jira Error: An unexpected reponse was returned by your Jira Cloud instance. HTTP Status: 401


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Through the UI using the same account, I am able to correct a JIRA case with the following minimum fields populated.

Project Key, in this case TPI

      "id": "10700",
      "key": "TPI",
      "name": "Test Project - Ignore",

Issue Type/Type Id, in this case 'Improvement'

          "id": "10900",
          "description": "An improvement or enhancement to an existing feature or task.",

Priority,  P1

    "name": "P1",
    "id": "1"

Summary - being inserted from flowcode 

Description - being inserted from flowcode


Node is configured below, based on the above.


API suggest a 400 response which would list missing fields, but not a 401.

Keysafe is configured to just endpoint name given Cloud instance.





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