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Multiple Routing Rules


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I've just started a new job and have been tasked with setting up email routing rules (at the moment the techs are going into the inbox to either raise or apply the request manually).

I'm a bit confused to how many rules I need - does there need to be a separate one for raisenewrequest, logorupdateincident and logorupdateservice request?

I have tried the below as a test, but it hasn't had any effect:



I've had a look around the forum, but not been able to see a definitive answer so any help would be greatly appreciated!



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The updateRequest and raiseNewRequest operations are the recommended actions for the routing rules, they supercede the logOrUpdateIncident and logOrUpdateServiceRequest although these are still available and function as before.
For raiseNewRequest you will also want to set up a Routing Rule Template within your Service Manager settings in the Admin Tool.


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We have one rule to log Incidents which only fire if there is no existing reference in the subject line. We use a custom request prefix, e.g. IDXIN, IDXSR, to ensure the reference is one of ours, as we have a number of our external customers who use Hornbill/Supportworks. Though if you can differentiate in the rule expression, you could have multiple and then use different Routing Rule Templates (setup under Service Manager > Email > Routing Rule Templates).


We then have another to update existing requests (in our case incidents and service requests only).


Note: your regex value in 'Reference' will differ as we have a 5 letter prefix format.

Hope that helps.




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