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SQL Contact Importer - Error/Duplicate reporting

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Could the SQL Importer be extended to give a reason/warning in the log when  skipping or failing to process a contact record. This way it would be easier to locate those updates which have not been able to be applied.


The only way to locate them at the moment is page through the log file and look for the single line.

Also, when the tool errors can the text just be a normal colour rather than red on black which is quite hard to read. I have tried changing the command prompt to change the default background colour, but to no avail as the tool sets both the background and foreground colours for the error message output.




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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

Re: your first point, I can only replicate that if the import config is set to Create only, and a matching contact has been found in your Hornbill instance - if there's been an error in the upsert, then you would actually get those written to the log... I've added WARN entry to the log for each of these though, to make them easily identifiable:


I've just released v1.6.0 of the Contact Import Tool with the following changes:

  • Added option for CLI output to be in the terminal-default colours only
  • Added additional log output when Create is selected in config, and Contact already exists in Hornbill
  • Removed hard-coded list of mapped columns, so now any Contact column can be populated entirely by config

To switch the colours off in the CLI, just add -nocol=true to the command, and you can now add any additional columns to the import mapping by adding new properties, and stripping the h_ prefix from the column name, incase we add any more columns to the contacts entity in future:


You can get the latest build from here: https://github.com/hornbill/goDb2HcontactImport/releases/latest

Hope this helps!



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