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New Update: Hornbill Project Manager (302)


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The latest build of Hornbill Project Manager (302) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • Programme Projects Overview
  • Programme Charts


  • Project cost charts are now split into bar charts and pie charts to make better use of the screen space
  • Removed the tooltip for creating a new project or a new programme on the red button as it made it difficult to click in exactly the right place
  • The number of boards on a project is now shown as a number for consistency with all the other project areas


  • Added check to only load project stakeholders for a project task once all required information had been loaded to guard against the effect of a network issue.
  • Additional checks when updating project, project task, and programme cards that are on boards in Board Manager to catch any errors that may be thrown
  • Incorrect url link to Hornbill website from the app store inside the Hornbill Admin Tool
  • Missing Programme translation strings
  • Issue with pagination on project templates
  • Project Milestones and Dependant Task were not rendered correctly when viewing a project task
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