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Searching for Requests


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Is there anything on the cards to improve the searching facility for Calls?

The biggest frustration everyone has at our place is that your unable to sort the results after doing a search.  So they can put in a key word but sometimes that brings back loads of results and it's hard as your unable to sort it (by date for instance).  I know there are options to filter the search beforehand by owner, request type etc - but if you don't know this information before you start it makes finding something very hard (especially if it's not something you normally deal with and aren't sure how it was logged previously).

I've been asked to find out if there is any way of adding keywords/tags etc to calls to make searching easier.  Is any of this planned in the near future? 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make it easier for analysts to search for calls?

Searching has always been an issue, however the need is more pressing now. 




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+1 for better searching/sorting of results.

I use the below tips when searching (although as Deen has already said it helps to use the Service)

  • If you are searching for a customers tickets you can use "?" which will return all their requests
  • using AND/OR between words should help too
  • Use of " ", to find exact strings/ occurrences 

Even being able to export the results so I can use my excel skills to find the info would be a vast improvement


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