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Allow visibility of all mailboxes when creating a service

Dan Munns

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Can we have the permissions around service/CI creation looked at please? 

When adding a default mailbox to a service I can only see ones to which I have access, which means I have to go and add myself to the mailbox and then set up the default mailbox and then go and remove myself afterwards. Being able to add the mailbox as a default without having to do this would be much better from an ease of use and security point of view. 



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Hi Dan,

I think there are two sides to this.  It was done in this way for security reasons.  As a Service Owner you are not give access to mailboxes that you don't have access to. It also limits any mistakes where a Service Owner selects a mailbox that they don't have access to. 

Something that might help is if someone has the Can Manage Mailbox right, we could show all mailboxes.  This would allow an admin, who might also be someone setting up the initial Services, being able to set this without having to be given rights to each mailbox.  Would this help?

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@James Ainsworth that seems reasonable.

It the moment I have access to all mailboxes so when I am creating new services I can just add what I need to. I makes the unread emails notification more than useless though as we have something like 16 mailboxes in various states of management. Not to mention all the mails I could read (not that I have the time or inclination but you know) 

Is this something I can set up now, or does something need doing at your end to allow this?

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On 10/30/2019 at 1:31 AM, Dan Munns said:

I have the admin role but still had to add all the mailboxes so I could see them in the service portfolio


That's because it hasn't been implemented yet :).  We need to add a check on that picklist to show all the mailboxes if you have the appropriate rights.  Roles are irrelevant here as there are already roles that have this right, and custom roles can also be created.  But this won't work until we have made a change to the picklist.

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Hi Dan,

The change regarding the visibility of all the mailboxes has now been released and is available in Service Manager update build 1800.  Provided that you have the right manageEmail which is included in the Admin role, you will be able to see all mailboxes in the list for selecting the default mailbox on a service.

I hope this helps.



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