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SR Details Auto Copied to CH

Jamie Talbot

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Hi All,

I am wondering if it is possible to create a Change Request that is pre populated with details from a Service Request.

Currently customers are raising Service Request through the service portal that should really be Change Request. Currently me and my team are re raising these requests as Change Requests and having to copy and paste the details the customers have filled in manually. If anyone knows a way to raise a Change Request from a Service Request with all these details already pre populated that would be great.



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@Jamie Talbot it is not possible to convert a ticket from one type to another, there are various reasons for this including linked services / their business processes which govern assignment, timers, tasks, approvals etc.  

What you can do is use the raise linked change as suggested above.

Another option is a bit more automation in your process,  but it is a bit more involved.   

In your SR process, you could have a task on assignment to confirm if it is actually an SR, if not in your task outcomes you could have an option to raise a change instead.

The business process could then branch on this outcome, and do a number of actions:

* Auto Close the SR

* Use a Get progressive Capture node, followed by an update node, to inject the SR questions / answers into the description of the SR

* Use the Log Request > Log New Change Node to create a linked change, and use the configurations to copy across the customer, summary, details, priority, service, catalog item or what you need from the SR 


A little long winded but maybe something to consider?

Another option going forward is a new feature which will be available soon, this is called Auto Tasks, this will allow you to invoke a process from a custom button on the request form, so when this is available, you will be able to do all of the above from a custom button at any point in time rather than at a defined point in your existing SR process. 



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