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Variable Picker shows not all Custom PCF


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From your screenshot I can't see the areas where I would expect to see a new Custom Progressive Capture Form (PCF).  A new Custom Progressive Capture Form (PCF) should show under the expandable section 5 Custom PCF (Most Recently Created, by title). Otherwise they are shown in alphabetical order in the list that contains all Custom Progressive Capture Forms (PCF).  Where your PCF sits in this list will depend on what you named it.    



You have also provided this list.  This appears to be a list of Progressive Capture workflows, not Custom Progressive Capture Forms, which are created within a Progressive Capture workflow.  Only Progressive Capture Forms are displayed in the variable picker.  Do you have a Custom Progressive Capture Form within the TMG - Server Delete Process that you are wanting to display and made available within the Variable picker?

On 10/10/2019 at 3:57 AM, Nikolaj said:

s there any restriction on it? i expect this PC (TMG - Server Delete process) because i  use this PC for that BP.

But it is not there. Any idea? Thanks




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