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License Usage Report

Katie Negri

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I am having a hard time building a report to identify which users are actively using Hornbill. We have several users who are assigned a full-user account and would be able to revoke those licenses for new employees onboarding who may utilize them more. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Katie Negri

Do you specifically need this output in a report format? We have ways of displaying this information already through the admin tool. 

To have a look at any User (anyone who is a subscriber to Hornbill) you can see this in the Admin Tool via System --> Organisational Data --> Users



If you want to see who exactly is consuming a Service Manager subscription, in the Admin Tool you can navigate to Applications -> Hornbill Service Manager --> Application Subscriptions and this will show you how many you are currently consuming and who they are



I hope this helps,


Kind Regards


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