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Hiding Items on Customer Portal


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As we are using SSO for our users to access Hornbill, is there a way to remove the Password section on the user profile page? We do not want to cause our users confusion as this field would not be relevant to them:


One other field that needs hiding for us is the "Sub Status" column when looking at all your active tickets via the Customer Portal. Can this be hidden? If not, what information is this meant to display?





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Other than translating the labels there is very little control over the visibility of content on the Customer and Service Portal at this time.

I am presuming you are using the Service Portal (https://service.hornbil.com/<instance>), if using Single Sign On, so the Password will be in the internal Hornbill password which is randomly generated when your LDAP import runs to import/update your users, rather than the domain/AD password. That said, if you are using the Service Portal, this is being replaced by the Employee View in the main user application so this interface will be changing anyway.

The Subs-Status is used to break down the parent hard coded status, i.e. 'Open', 'On-Hold', into customer configurable statuses such as 'Awaiting Customer Response', 'Updated by Customer', 'Awaiting 3rd Party' etc. For more info on Sub-Status see the link below.




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