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Tracking work completed between different teams.


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Afternoon I wonder if you can help me,

We are trying to track the overall impact of particular service requests and incidents.
If we gather only the statistics that occur at the end of the call, then it would appear that there is no impact on any of the intervening teams (i.e. 2nd and different parts of 3rd line), which certainly is not the case. 
Additionally, all the credit (for work done quickly) or the blame (for lateness / breaching SLAs) is attributed to the team that finally closes the call, even if the work done by the final team is minimal.  

We’re aware that we could create a new call for work done by each of the teams, though this is a huge overhead and defeats the purpose of having a Service Desk (1st line). 

To date, we’ve only been able to capture the closed call stats at the end of the call that are obviously skewed for the reasons mentioned above. 

Does anyone know how we could have dashboards and/or fixed reports that would show these intervening statistics? 

I believe we may be able to report on the one team before the last team by joining some tables, but is there any other way we can get more accurate information?


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Hi Hayley,

I was wondering if you are using the First Time Fix options in your requests?  While this may not provide answers to how much work is done by all teams, it can be a nice way for the first line to get credit for providing resolutions before possibly involving other teams.

Information about using the First Time Fix option in the BPM can be found here.

The Service Manager reporting also has some First Time Fix reports included which should allow you to get some information about these.



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Hey James,

Yes we are using the FTF feature, we had built in our own one until this most recent feature came out and we switched our processes over to this last month.

However it more the 2nd and 3rd line teams we are trying to manage the work for.

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++ 1 for us too please

I keep being asked if I can show the time a ticket spends with a team, who it was with when it breached, or how close to breaching when reassigned,

Or if there has been a hold up in its progress, meaning that the team that resolves it ends up with a breached ticket showing in their stats.


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