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entityBrowseRecords2 for Assets

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I've noticed that some of the fields cannot be used in the method "entityBrowseRecords2".  I've attempting to search for MobileDevices, and have been using the Entity Browser to determine what I can/cant do... and these are the search columns


However when I run the API (using PowerShell) 


I get the following results


fail          The search column 'h_Manufacturer' is not allowed



fail          The search column 'h_Model' is not allowed

Any idea on how I can use these fields in my API calls?  This doesn't just happen with Mobile Devices, but other Assets as well.

(Please Note - The above fields should all be searchable, if defined in my function, at the moment i've just tested it one-by-one)

Please advise.

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Never mind, I have figured it out... the fields are case sensitive.  Changing them all to lowercase (h_Model to h_model, h_Manufacturer to h_manufacturer has worked).

Small things eh? The devil is in the detail

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@samwoo one thing I would say to be mindful of how search is performed using entity browse.. specifically MatchType in SearchFilter param: https://api.hornbill.com/_types/searchColumnType. So, alongside Column and Value params you can have a third param, MatchType. If you don't specify this param it will assume default value as "wildcard" meaning the searches will be performed using a LIKE operator. E.g. It means "Intel" will match "Intelligent" for example... just FYI


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Hi @Victor,

Many thanks - I did discover this actually (accidentally) when looking up other Assets.  In the case above thankfully I am just looking up data using specific text rather than abbreviated text, but I have used partial text in other places and had to adjust the MatchType accordingly.

Many thanks - hope you are well.


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