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Custom Expressions - have they always been case sensitive?!

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

This is just a 'yes/no' question really, but have the custom expressions in a BPM decision node always been case sensitive?! I've got one BPM which kept failing while looking to see if a previous node had expired or not, and the fix was to change it from 'Stage Expired == True' to 'Stage Expired =='true' (lower case)

I'm pretty sure this BPM was working for ages, but I may be wrong......so I was wondering if there's been a change?




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@Paul Alexander,

No change to the way conditions are handled but i suspect that flowcode "wait for status update" used to return Stage Expired as a string ["True"]. In which case the condition tests using lowercase. Now i have a sneaky feeling the flowcode is now returning it as a boolean [true] and the condition tests it as a boolean, not as a string.

I will ask SM team to confirm.


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