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New Update: Hornbill Project Manager (296)


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The latest build of Hornbill Project Manager (296) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • Added project RAG status as a column to both the my projects and favourites views on the main project portfolio view.
  • Project Role Permissions - As the Project Manager, choose what project stakeholders can and can't do within each project based on their project role
  • Custom Forms in Progressive Capture - Map custom field data in your progressive capture to the custom fields on the project form


  • All columns that are available in the my projects view on the main project portfolio are now also available on the favourites view.
  • Increased the character limit on the description field within progressive capture to 2048 characters for new projects
  • Project RAG Tolerance indicators now appear circular
  • Harry Hornbill can now be hidden or shown using an app setting when viewing a programme's RAG status


  • No data was shown for the number of projects column in the programmes table on the main portfolio view.
  • Milestone Status was not translated properly when viewing audit history for an individual project milestone
  • Button to add a new project resource was visible when it should not have been
  • Project Stakeholders view and counts would not refresh when a project stakeholder is removed from a project
  • Some users were unable to download project attachments due to security restrictions
  • When adding a programme to a board, the board list was not immediately refreshed
  • Enable Costs switch shown twice on the visibility tab of a project template in the Hornbill Admin Tool
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