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Error in decision node following 'Get Card Info" node

Steven Cotterell

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In our Incident BPM, after an Incident has been closed, I've a 'Get Card Information' node to return the CardID of a card related to the RequestID so that I can then call a 'Remove Card from Board' node.

Decision node is throwing an error (see below)



There is a Card on our Breach Board (Board Manager board) for each Incident I've looked at that has this failure.

The custom expression I'm using to decide if need to remove card from board is...


As I'm expecting CardID to be populated from the Get Card Information node.

Any pointers please anyone.  Getting quite a few Incidents 'failing' after being Closed because of this.

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Hi @Steven Cotterell

The problem seems to be the isSet operation is expecting text and does not seem to like that the cardId is a number, I will raise this with our BPM team. 

However for what you are trying to do, you don't really need the custom expression, you can just check if the outcome is success instead and this should work as it will not be successful if the card doesn't exist


Hope this helps


Trevor Harris

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