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Trigger an adhoc BPM from a button

Frank Reay

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I presume this has been raised elsewhere but I can't see it. 

We have a standard BPM that spots when we have a Sev1 raised and then fires off certain mails and actions. That is all fine.

However a number of times we have a Sev2 or 3 that gets escalated to a Sev1 once the impact is fully understood. We don't think this sort of action cannot easily be picked up in our above BPM without continual circular polling.

So could we have a customised button (or similar) that the analyst would manually press(or even better does it automatically) when he escalates to a Sev1. This would kick off its own BPM which has the same actions as in the standard BPM (clearly we would need to maintain the actions in 2 places but we can handle that).

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@Frank Reay this sounds exactly what the Auto Tasks which we previewed at Insights will allow you to do, these are being finalised and should allow you to achieve what you need. 

The Auto Task which you would invoke from a button on your request would invoke a Business Process which will execute and finish.   What i mean by this, is there will not be the ability to include options like tasks or approvals, or suspend actions, but you will be able to (not an exhaustive list) 

* Fire Emails

* invoke Multiple iBridge actions 

* Post to workspaces

* Add members and connections 

* Raise linked requests

* Update values 

* Etc

Your use case is very common, and the same for things like a Major Incident being identified - you can't really build your comms plan into the default BPM, apart from at the point of creation (when you may not know it is a major incident). however once it is identified as one, you will be able to use the Auto Tasks to invoke your defined comms plan from a button on the request. 

I hope that makes sense. 

Once Auto Tasks are available we'll let you know


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@Steven Boardman Many thanks for this and it does look very useful. It is quite powerful so we need to ensure then when our analysts start 'playing' (ie pressing the button to see what happens!) that they don't do more damage than good! However I think within the BPM we can do some validation and this will satisfy our use case. The requested 'pop up' warning when the button is pressed will also help enormously (ie 'Are you really really really sure you want to do this?'!!!!) - hopefully that will be available soon.

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