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Location of Data held by Hornbill

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We have a Security Audit from our parent company next week (Daily Mail Group)! The question is being raised about where our data is stored. You state on your website that 'if your instance is in Europe then your data remains in Europe' and we have also seen that you use Cloudfare. A further detailed question has been raised - are you able to answer this:
"Do you happen to know where in Europe the servers that you use are located? Hornbill appear to use Cloudflare, which have servers in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. If they are allocated by IP address, then this indicates that no data leaves the UK."

Many thanks.

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Thanks for the post. All your data (As a UK company) will be hosted\stored within the UK (Datacenters in Maidenhead and London). Cloudflare does not host\store any data it only caches static front end content (Not Data). 

We hope this resolves your query. 


Kind Regards


Keith Stevenson

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@Frank Reay

With regards to Cloudfalre, we do not hold any data on Cloudflare's servers, we cache our web pages HTML. CSS and so on, but all of your data is transferred securely between your browser and our servers in our DC's.  Best way to think of it is like this.  When you load a web page, the HTML, CSS, Javascript and images that makes up the page is loaded via CloudFlare, once the page is loaded, we will make one or more AJAX calls from your browser directly to your instance endpoint.  Your instance endpoint will DNS resolve to an IP address that is one of our edge servers in our DC, your instance endpoint, will include a coding that shows the region that the instance is located.  This means your data is always in the host DC, for you thats the UK, its encrypted using TLS in transit from our servers to your browser.  You can see what DC's we have in operation here. 


Hope that makes senes.

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