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Output variable not available later in BPM

Steven Cotterell

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In one of our BPMs I'm using some new functionality to create 'localised' dates from the 'scheduledStartDate' & 'scheduledEndDate' attributes, to use in emails & Microsoft Teams posts.


The problem I have though is that I'm trying to access these dates later on in the BPM, in another 'stage' to post another Microsoft Teams message and they are not showing in the variable picker dialogs.

How can I persist these values throughout the lifecycle of the BP?



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@Steven Cotterell as the output params are limited to the current stage, you could look at adding the output value into a custom fields on the request in the current stage, and then on the next stage, use a Get Request Info node and use the custom field value (Assuming it is formatted as you need it)  to inject in as a variable into the subsequent Teams message. 

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Thanks @Steven Boardman, I thought that might be one of the ways round it.  Are there any plans to be able to make these variables persist for the life of the BPM, especially as we now have the ability to specify a 'Result Reference' to make variables unique if needed.  Seems one of the next logical steps.


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