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Scheduled Job permanent error: The day in the month you have specified does not exist in the month of February

Sophie Paolucci

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We have scheduled a report to run on the 1st of every month which uses the following variables ({{DATE:startoflastmonth}}&{{DATE:endoflastmonth}}) however when the scheduled report ran we got the following error:

"Scheduled Job permanent error: The day in the month you have specified does not exist in the month of February"

If I remove Feb from the schedule it will the scheduled report will successfully run.

Are you able to assist?



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@Sophie Paolucci , 

I believe server team are looking at it. Are you able to verify who it was that first setup the report and if the user is still active on your system?  

Also if you can provide screenshot of the log history like Alberto has, just so we can see on what date the error occurred. 

The error usually shows when you try update a scheduled job to say run on 31st/<month>/<year> and set it to all months, but obviously some months don't have that...however in the admin tool when setting up a schedule it does not let you update it, so think the server is updating the next rundate incorrectly after processing a job.


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@Sophie Paolucci  & @Alberto M

For now, while they work on this, as i think it will require a bit of a sensitive change to how schedulnig works can you try setting the schedule time to say <thedate> 05:00  ... so 5am in the morning.

I believe the issue is that when server date changes due to daylight savings it set the nextdate to the 11pm the previous day i.e. 31st or 30th and when it tries to update the schedule the api is failing because 30th or 31st is not valid for feb. So by setting the time to something like 5am should mitigate the daylights saving adjustment on server when they occur.


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@NeilWJ I was the user that first setup the reports and am still active on the system however today is my last day and so my account will be removed, is there a way to change the owner and do you recommend this?


Since the error first occurred we have removed Feb from the months in the schedule so that the error no longer occurs.

I have now enabled Feb and changed the time to 5am, these reports will run on 1st December.

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