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Deleting emails from mailbox

Sophie Paolucci

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We want to be able to delete emails from our mailbox which have been logged as requests however when the emails are deleted we are getting the following error:

'Oops. You do not have access to this email.'

Is there no way for the emails to be attached to the calls without having to keep the originals in our live.hornbill.com mailbox?



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Hi Sophie,

I would recommend having a folder in each mailbox where you store emails that have been used to raise or update a request.  Once you have a folder with a name such as "Processed" you can automated the moving of emails that are processed as requests to this folder.  Is there a reason for deleting the emails?  Space shouldn't be an issue.



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Hi James,

We have already setup your suggestion and have a folder for processed requests within the email.  However we'd still prefer to not have to use this, we like to keep things tidy.  We don't consider it good practice to use the email for permanent storage.  We previously used Supportworks and had that configured to attach the email to the call.  So never kept any emails as they were either copied into the body of the call raised or attached to the call.  This worked seamlessly for calls manually logged from email via an agent and also emails picked up by the auto responder.  We just assumed Service Manager would do the same thing.  Could this possibly be considered as a future enhancement?

I'm sure there are others who would like to keep their Service Manager mailbox tidy as we do.


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