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"ignore" user on round robin basis?

Josh Bridgens

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@Josh Bridgens

You can exclude members or a team from assignment by using the Configuration > Service Desk option in the Admin tool under Service Manager. If then select the team and them choose to exclude/include team members in assignment.

Note at the moment this enabled/disabled bit automatic and manual assignment to the team members.

We have raised in the post below about the ability to be able to exclude/include separately for automatic and manual assignment, but this has not been implemented at this time.





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Hi Josh,

There is another more recent conversation here... 

There are two approaches being discussed.  One is to control this by team which would apply to all requests, and the other is to have this as part of the assignment BPM node for round robin so that it is specific to the request running the BPM.  What would your preference be Josh?

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