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Azure 'Get info' Integration

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Would it be possible to look into an azure get info automation to support a automated business process??

The use case example is: Use an automation to look up the specified owner of an azure AD attribute. Then look to allocate that named user as the approver in an approval action

appreciate your thoughts


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Hi @AndyGilly,

By this:

13 minutes ago, AndyGilly said:

look up the specified owner of an azure AD attribute

Do you mean to return the owner of an Azure AD Group? If so, Azure AD Groups could possibly have multiple owners set against them, so would you just want the first owner found to be returned, as we don't have the ability to loop-through integration responses in BPM?

Also, which user properties would you need returning about the owner, so that you can identify the correct user in Hornbill? I presume it'd just be the UPN, if you're using the Azure AD UPN as the user ID for your Hornbill users?



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Hi @AndyGilly,

I've just released a new iBridge integration, that will return the details of the owner of an Azure AD Group - it takes the ID of a group, and returned the owners:

  • Display Name
  • UPN
  • GUID
  • Job Title
  • Mail Alias

If the group has more than one owner, then the details of the first owner returned by the Microsoft Graph API call will be provided back.

Let me know if this covers what you need.



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