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indexing service slow?


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We have a fairly common occurrence of an issue where newly logged jobs don't show up in fields search for reference numbers.


1) Log new job

2) Find job via filter (works straight away)

3) Search for job in Request search (top of screen), or link new request (works after 5-10 minutes (or longer)



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The job filter and the CTRL + SHIFT + F keyboard shortcut both check that the record exists and will return it, so they'll work instantaneously.

As for the global search, there is a delay of up to 5 minutes for new records to be searchable and this is has been set to try and get the optimum performance. Because this search feature allows for natural language search (like Google) it requires more time to work with the data behaves slightly differently from other areas where search is available.

We have experimented with shorter delays and we even tried to have the results available immediately but that impacted the general performance of an instance, rather than just the search so this has been the sweet spot.

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