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Email templates not respecting image sizes

Dan Munns

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I have our company logo as a .png added to the top of all the email templates. The original image is 402px wide. I have set the size to 250px wide on the template but the image is displayed at 402px on all templates. 

This makes emails sent from Hornbill look bad as the logo image is far too big at 100% zoom in Outlook. 

Is there something I am missing here or is this a defect? 



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@Dan Munns I've seen this topic discussed elsewhere, and the issue was that not all email clients support the full range of HTML and CSS tags - simply put it's an issue with the email client (Looking at the image it appears to be Outlook?) and the only guaranteed solution is to resize the original image to the size that you want it to be when viewed in the email.

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