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Change the colour of a bulletin title?


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I have a couple of questions on formatting the self service portal.  I have been through and read what I could find on the past forum posts, but our specific questions are :- 

  • Is it possible to change the colour of the title in a bulletin, we wanted to change it to the same colour as the background to hide it, or the same colour as the hyperlink default colour (#3387ea) but the wiki markup doesn't work and displays in the title instead
  • Not have a title at all?  (Title field is mandatory)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated 




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@HGrigsby there is the option to hide the bulletins text if you wanted to hide all the text - title and description



But am i right that you want to hide the title because you can't currently set it's colour etc?  rather than hiding all of the text (title and description)?

I can see if there is an option to just hide the title, and show the description 


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Hi @Steven Boardman

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you.

The problem we found was that we were able to add a link into the bulletin but once you clicked on it turned blue, we wanted to change the colour to blue so that it didn't look different once the link was clicked on or not.    Or stop the link from changing colour I suppose.

We wanted to add a link to the most used CIs on the bulletin for the service to work as a shortcut, which is working we want, but would like to stop the display changing





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@HGrigsby ok i see

You can use wiki markup to control the colour of the hyperlink.

In the example below i am setting the hyperlink colour to white, so it is consistent with the title - the URL is for the PC of the catalog item on my demo instance, so you would need to set this to the required URL on your instance and the relevant PC 

[[https://service.hornbill.com/demosb/servicemanager/log/5/incident/77/|<span style="colour:white;">Click here for more info</span>]]

This will result in the Bulletin showing a white link with the text Click here for more info


The URL link will remain white, even when it has been clicked. 

Hope that helps

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