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Our SLA's don't look right since updating to 1694


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Good morning,


Last night we updated to 1694. Now all our SLA's look a bit odd under the SLT column.

Our resolved tickets look breached (showing red in SLT column when they are not breached) when in fact they are not when going in to the 'All services' drop down menu but then when selecting 'all resolved tickets', no colours display under the SLT column. 

Happy to provide screenshots of how it now looks, don't have any before and after's though I am afraid. 


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Hi @AndyColeman

If you can provide a couple of non-sensitive data screenshots just to show the SLT, Response date/Resolution Date as displayed in the request list and then one of the corresponding request details service level section so I can match up the figures and I can take a look.

It may also be useful to know what text is displayed in the tooltip when you hover over the SLT indicators.

Kind Regards,


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